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There is more to understanding disagreements and conflicts than just the details. You want a mediator that understands how we all have been impacted and shaped by our cultural experiences. We have been working cross-culturally since 1985. Our experience includes working with adults and teens from all cultural backgrounds. We help you determine if a referral is appropriate.


You are looking for someone with extensive experience in public and private education, special education, resolving service or accessibility issues and enforcing IEPs. You need someone with experience in Higher Education, working with faculty and administration to secure modified services to improve your chance of success. We help you determine if a referral is appropriate.


You are entangled in a conflict and unable to express the intangible impact that the circumstances are having in your personal life, at school and/or at work. Our understanding of mental health and the availabile treatments and remedies will help you resolve the conflict in the most equitable and expeditious fashion possible. We help you determine if a referral is appropriate.


Our main office is located in Huntington Beach, CA. We are a short distance from the Interstate 405 and highway 36.


We have flexible hours to provide the greatest convenience for all parties, including evenings & weekends.


We believe that mediation should fit anyone’s budget. Our packages are among the most competitive rates in your area.


We provide all parties with FREE coffee, tea and bottled water. Lunch can be ordered for pick-up or delivery.


  • One (1) Hour of Conflict Review

  • Confidentiality Agreement

  • Review of Participant Expectations
    Mediation Checklist

  • $50 per party
    2 parties = $100 total

Mediation Resolution

  • Pre-Mediation Package

  • -plus-

  • Two (2) Hours with Mediator
    handwritten agreement by parties

  • $200 per party
    2 parties = $400 total

Mediation Resolution +

  • Mediation Resolution Package

  • -plus-

  • typed from handwritten agreement
    witnessed signing

  • $150 per extra hour - per party
    2 parties x 8 hrs = $1900 total


… is the attempt a) to help parties in a disagreement, conflict, dispute or claim to hear each other sharing the goal of minimizing harm arising from the disagreement; b) to optimize any area of agreement; and c) work together to minimize the conflict details interfering with the parties reaching a mutually acceptable outcome. Since this is a confidential process, nothing shared and admitted during mediation may be used as evidence. Mediators can not be compelled to testify about information that is shared during the mediation process. This confidential process makes mediation desirable.

Hourly Rates

If you would like to meet with a mediator alone, services cost $150 per hourto determine if mediation is the best option for helping you resolve your dispute. This is done when only one party is committed. Typically, only one hour of time is required. New customer discount applies.


… works when the purpose is to restore an existing relationship between two or more parties involved in a dispute. The Conciliator works with each party separately to a) clarify the details of the conflict; b) help each party identify their goals in resolving the conflict; and c) lower tensions, improve communication, and identity creative solutions to bring both parties to an agreement. Also important, the Conciliator works to help restore the relationship - whether personal or business - because future interactions and cooperation among the parties involved are necessary.

Hourly Rates

When both parties, personal or business, have a conflict or dispute for which they need an experienced Conciliator, services cost $60 per hour - per party and applies for all time spent separately and collectively. Most cases require roughly 3 hours. New customer discount applies.


… are there complex issues in your family, neighborhood, job, or business? Do you need someone to help you negotiate the best possilbe outcome for you, your business or your organization? Unlike mediation or conciliation, negotiation is intended to serve you. This does not mean that two parties will need to make sacrificial concessions. It does mean that one person hires the Negotiator and the other party agrees to accept the negotiated outcome. Using a Negotiator can be helpful when you want a pay raise, have your landlord make repairs or other similar disputes.

Hourly Rates

You are dislike using confrontation to resolve challenges and conflicts. Having an experienced Negotiator on your side will help you dramatically. Negotiation services cost a reasonable $200 per hour, following a free 30 minute consultation. New customer discount applies.


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